SPEEDBOX 1.3 delimiter for Shimano (EP8)
SPEEDBOX 1.3 delimiter for Shimano (EP8)
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SPEEDBOX 1.3 delimiter for Shimano (EP8)

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    A redesigned chip tuning for your electric bike with a Shimano motor in a renewed design, completely new hardware and firmware.

    The SpeedBox 1.3 chip tuning allows you to deactivate the speed limiter of the electric bike. After installing the chip, the actual data up to 23km/h is displayed on the screen of the electric bike.

    If you want to monitor the correct speed and all riding data during your ride, we recommend buying the SpeedBox 1.3 B.Tuning for Shimano – You can monitor the actual driving values ​​in our SpeedBox App – directly on the screen of your phone.

    Contrary to previous versions, this new product for Shimano motors also connects to the motor's E-Tube Port. Therefore, it is necessary that the motor of the bicycle in which you want to install the new version of SpeedBox for Shimano, has a free E-Tube Port. It is not possible to install SpeedBox products for Shimano without a free E-Tube Port on the motor.

    E-bikes that have, for example, a Di2 electronic shifter or a power button integrated into the bike's top tube: Satellite System On/Off Switch (EW-SW100, EW-SW300) generally do not have an E-Tube Port free.

    How does SpeedBox 1.3 work?

    When the lights are off, you can ride at unlimited speed. You can turn off the chip function simply by activating the lights. If you want to use the tuning independently of the lights , do not connect the red spade terminal during the installation, so the SpeedBox will always be active. If you don't have lights on your bike, SpeedBox 1.3 will also stay on constantly.


    We use original connectors for the production of SpeedBox chips, so the installation of the chip will be really easy and the connection will be correct. We have written the detailed instructions and made the videos that will allow each customer to install SpeedBox on their own. Removing the tuning chip is as easy as mounting it. If you have any problems with the connection, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    If you want SpeedBox on a new bike, you must first ride at least 1 kilometer on the bike.

    Manual: text , “Standard” graphic version , “+E-Tube port” graphic version


    It must be taken into account that the use of modified electric bicycles in infrastructures may be in conflict with current legislation in some countries. The manufacturer is not responsible for damages resulting from the use of SpeedBox products. E-bikes equipped with SpeedBox products may not be used on roads, cycle paths and public areas. E-bikes equipped with SpeedBox products may only be used on your own property, solely at your own risk. The use of SpeedBox products may void the warranty of your electric bike.

    We recommend the use of additional protection products to avoid injury.


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