SPEEDBOX 3.0 limiter for FLYON (HAIBIKE)
SPEEDBOX 3.0 limiter for FLYON (HAIBIKE)
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SPEEDBOX 3.0 limiter for FLYON (HAIBIKE)

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    The SPEEDBOX 3.0 Delimiter for FLYON (HAIBIKE) is a third generation smart chip designed specifically for the Haibike FLYON model. This tuning chip allows you to adjust the speed limits of your electric bike arbitrarily.

    Once the chip is installed, you can see real values ​​on the screen such as the maximum speed, average speed, daily mileage and range of your electric bicycle. Its operation is very simple. The chip is activated and deactivated through the electric bike's control unit using a sequence of buttons.

    When the chip is activated, the screen will show your current speed limit value and the bike motor will help you reach that speed. To deactivate the chip function, you simply follow the same sequence of buttons. The electric bike will function again as before installing the chip.

    Additionally, you can set the maximum speed of your bike by switching between different modes, such as EXTREME, HIGH, MID, LOW, etc. The screen shows you the current speed limit and you can adjust it by turning the wheel 180°. This way, you can adapt the speed of your electric bicycle to your needs and preferences.

    The assembly of the SPEEDBOX 3.0 Delimiter is very simple, since it uses original connectors for a proper connection. You can download instructions or watch videos that will guide you step by step in installing the chip. And if you have any connection problems, the customer support team is available to help you.

    It is important to note that the use of modified electric bicycles may conflict with current legislation in some countries. Therefore, the manufacturer is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of SpeedBox products. It is recommended to use additional protective products to avoid injuries.

    In summary, the SPEEDBOX 3.0 Delimiter for FLYON (HAIBIKE) is a product that allows you to adjust the speed limits of your electric bicycle in a personalized way. With its third generation smart chip, you can enjoy a more powerful driving experience adapted to your needs.


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